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    We are the MOST SUCCESSFUL at providing loans.
    Best Mortgage Rates

    Best Mortgage Rates

    Our Kitchener best mortgage rates team can expertly assist you in acquiring the best mortgage rates the Tri-City financial services industry has to offer. More info...

    Bad Credit Mortgages

    Bad Credit Mortgages

    Our bad credit mortgages services provide you an ideal solution to helping you on the path towards owning your own home. More info...

    Private Lenders

    Contact our Kitchener best mortgage rates specialists for more information on our private lenders, and to learn more about our wide range of financial services. More info...

    Debt Consolidation

    Our Kitchener best mortgage rates team has numerous years of combined experience overseeing personal financial portfolios. More info...

    Welcome to Kitchener Best Mortgage Rates

    Do you live in or around Kitchener, Ontario, and want to be approved for a mortgage? Having difficulty paying down your debts? Manny J’s Kitchener best mortgage rates team can assist you with these important financial goals! Our company has partnered with over 300 private lenders and financial institutions in the Tri-Cities area to deliver the very best mortgage rates and debt consolidation services. Even if you have no income, a poor credit rating, or have declared personal bankruptcy, our Kitchener best mortgage rates professionals can help you by offering the following tried and true financial assistance:

    • Best mortgage rates
    • Bad credit mortgages
    • Private lenders
    • Debt consolidation

    Regardless of your financial situation, our Kitchener best mortgage rates experts have the experience and know-how to teach you how to consolidate multiple debt payments for credit cards, mortgages, and much more. We can also help you obtain the best mortgage rates for the property you desire. Our customers rely on our Kitchener best mortgage rates team for many reasons:

    • To reduce their stress levels
    • For home equity loans
    • To lower their interest rates
    • If their mortgage payments are in arrears
    • For consumer proposal payments
    • For outstanding CRA debts
    • To reduce their monthly debt payments
    • For home upgrades & renovations
    • If their property taxes are in arrears
    • And for many other reasons

    Our Kitchener best mortgage rates specialists are led by Manny J mortgage agent, and have helped numerous clients in and around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Fergus, Drayton, Millbank, Tavistock, Innerkip, Brantford, and Aberfoyle, Ontario. Whatever your financial needs may be, our company can help determine the best customized solution for your unique circumstances, something other mortgage brokers and lending institutions cannot do! Contact our team of Kitchener best mortgage rates professionals to further explore the many outstanding financial services we can offer you!

    What Our Clients Say

    • Hisham B

      Hi Manny, You have been a miracle worker. My situation was extremely difficult but from the start you took care of everything and found a solution for me. I am in a much better situation now thanks to you. For anyone having any kind of difficulties with their mortgage, I would highly recommend coming to you. Thanks again.

    • Randy & Anita K.

      After speaking with many mortgage brokers that made a deal sound simple and possible, you were the only one that I 'felt' confidence in. Your upfront direct approach and clarity in what you required to get the job done is what I needed to hear. You said you would get it done, and you did just that, you got it done !!! I have already shared with others, with confidence, that if Manny says he can do it, Manny will do it. Thank you

    • Sam S. & Golnar R.

      Manny J is not just a great mortgage broker, he is our hero. He has singlehandedly rescued our family from a very unfortunate situation, and has put us on track. With Manny's help, we have reclaimed our house, and we could not be happier. A lot of mortgage brokers are all talk no action, Manny J is a man of his word. There is no substitute for him. Thank you so much Manny, and see you soon for our refinance! Regards,

    • Hannes & Rachelle B.

      Manny J is sincere in his words when he says he can help you. With his professional positive outlook, Manny supports and advises you on the best course of action for you the client I cannot say how much I appreciated his professionalism and industry knowledge. Manny helped us out of a difficult situation gave us the tools to pay off debts while having enough left over for savings. Thank you Manny J.

    • M. H.

      My experience with Anita has been wonderful, I have been her client and friend for over 20 years, her beautiful personality, compassion and love for people makes every time you meet with her you learn something and feel the necessity of shedding the negative aspects in yourself and getting to that brighter place.Anita has changed my life and me. I feel so blessed that destiny made me contact her. Thank you Anita, you are light.

    • K.L.

      Anita you are the most beautiful being I have had the pleasure to meet. I feel very blessed to be a client of Anita's, her compassion, her dedication and support for her clients is beyond words. I know Anita for 10 years and she works with me over the phone and I am so thrilled with the results of my sessions with her, thank you Anita. We miss you so much in Victoria. Thank you for everything you do!

    • Bruce R.

      Anita has a deep understanding of the human being and an intuitive empathy that is quite remarkable. She knows exactly what is going on in your body and tirelessly endeavors to bring it back into harmony and balance. She is a wonderful, inspiring role model, and gently works with you to realize your own potential. The world is a better place because of Anita.

    • Bentley K.

      Anita's presence is deeply felt in her customized Yoga classes, but it is in my private consultations/sessions with her that really opened my confidence in her intuitive medical understanding and deep knowledge of the human body. I found with relief, I could give myself completely over to her knowledge, even in my home in Santa Barbara a continent away, she continues to influence me. Thank you Anita.

    Let's Get in Touch

    Whatever your financial needs may be, our company can help determine the best customized solution for your unique circumstances, something other mortgage brokers and lending institutions cannot do! Contact our team of Kitchener best mortgage rates professionals to further explore the many outstanding financial services we can offer you!

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